34 exam “misconduct” resulted in the revocation of real estate licences in the Toronto area

After “deliberate and organized misbehaviour” relating to their licence examinations at Humber College was discovered, the provincial registration of thirty-four realtors in the Toronto area was revoked.

“The Humber Real Estate Education Program is aware of learner misconduct regarding completion of program examinations,” says a Humber College statement dated November 2. “Learners who have been found responsible for misconduct to date have been notified and have been sanctioned and suspended by the program.”

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), Ontario’s real estate trade regulator, acknowledged in a second statement that it had received the complaint that it “voided the registrations of the learners whose program completion status was rescinded by Humber.”

According to RECO’s website, 34 registered salespeople’s licences were revoked on October 29, 2021, “for failure to complete the approved educational courses required to be authorized to be a salesman under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA).”

The specifics of the alleged wrongdoing have yet to be revealed. The following is a quote from RECO’s statement: “anyone with evidence of cheating should contact Humber.”

This could point to a problem with Toronto-area realtors cheating on their examinations. Plagiarism, duplicating others’ work, purchasing or selling test questions, using forbidden materials in an assignment, falsification of materials, and cooperating with others on tasks meant to be performed alone are all covered by Humber’s Learner Misconduct Policy.

Anyone interested in becoming a real estate agent in Ontario must complete the Real Estate Education Program at Humber College. The $4,160 programme must be finished within two years, although it can be done in as short as nine months. Agents must register with RECO, the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Ontario Real Estate Association, and their local real estate board after passing the first five courses. There are three post-registration courses that agents must complete after that.

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