387-square-foot condo in Toronto on the market for $768,000

The 387-square-foot Toronto studio unit is located inside The Massey Tower at 197 Yonge Street and has an asking price of $768,000. Although this is the most expensive price it’s ever been advertised for, it’s not the first time it’s been listed for an unusually high price. The flat was first posted for $749,000 in May, but after failing to sell, it was re-listed in August for $688,000, but no one was interested.

The property does manage to cram a lot of amenities into that small space, including a washer/dryer, dishwasher, shower, and water-view terrace. And, happily, it also comes with a locker, so whoever owns it will have some additional storage room.

The kitchen, for example, lacks a full stovetop and instead has a two-burner cooktop, so it might not be the ideal choice for a serious home cook. However, one advantage is that maintenance rates are inexpensive here, at $314 per month.

With a concierge, gym, sauna, juice bar, and even a piano room, the building itself has some appealing qualities.

The unit’s most recent listing has been on the market for 28 days, which is a long time in today’s scorching Toronto real estate market, but finding the right buyer for a high-end home can take time.

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