72-square foot home selling for $24,900 in Vancouver

Think 300 or 400 square feet is unimaginable to live in for a space? How about 72 square feet!

Developer Dwelltech is focussing in on smaller homes and is reaping in so72-square foot home me solid revenues. Based in Maple Ridge, B.C., the company is up 34 percent from the same period last year to $1.1 million.

Dwelltech offers three different small houses with the smallest being a tight 72 square feet, named the Yocto.

Chase Lefneski, a spokesman for Dwelltech, stated, “We think it is the smallest complete house in Canada. The bathroom works perfectly. It’s a residential toilet and shower, not a small RV-type fixtures. It’s a little hard to believe all that fits in 72 square feet.”

The unit comes with full-sized appliances, a closet and a built-in bed, mattress, and a 20-year warranty on roof, walls, doors and windows.

The Yocto sells for $24,900, needs water and power access and hookup to a septic or municipal sewer system, but doesn’t require a building permit.

“It is built like a tank. They are made for rough use and to be easily moved as many times as you want,” said Lefneski.

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