A condo for cars is coming to the Greater Toronto Area

As the housing crisis reaches a boiling point, a savvy developer in Etobicoke, Ontario, has decided to build a new condo building… for cars.

The giant car storage unit, dubbed ToyBx, is going to be located near the Gardiner Expressway at 20 Towns Road. The twist here is that the owner is banking on car drivers wanting to own the space they store their car instead of renting it as most people do.

The building is three storeys tall and has a grand total of 180,000 square feet of usable space. However, the developer has plans to drop the fourth floor on top to add even more space for people to store cars or hang out, I guess.  Smaller units will be able to fit four cars and the largest units can fit eight.

If you get one of these units, they can, of course, be customized and tailored to your liking. They also have LED lighting, humidity controls and can be configured to have chargers for EVs. You can find out more about it on Urban Toronto.

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