At least four Canadians involved in Miami condo tower crash

A new report from Global Affairs Canada says that it’s received  “preliminary reports indicating that at least four Canadian citizens may be affected” in the tower collapse in Miami, Florida.

Miami officials are still unclear about how many people were actually in the building when it fell and the Canadian Global Affairs team has yet to release the names of the suspected missing Canadians. Thus far there are 152 people suspected missing in the rubble of the collapsed tower and nine people were killed in the collapse, according to CNN.

Canadian officials are in contact with the families of the four people who seem to be part of the tower collapse.

As officials deal with the immediate threats in the rubble of the building, other uncovered that the condo had a structural engineering firm come in and assess the tower in 2018, but since then not much had been done to remedy its issues.

Canada isn’t the only none U.S. country to have citizens affected by the tower collapse. There are believed to be 20 people missing from Israel, 22 from Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Source: CityNews, CNN

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