BC Hydro gives suggestion for condo owners to save money during heat wave

With British Columbia in the midst of a heat wave and temperatures continuing to soar near 40 C, a report by BC Hydro the use of air conditioners has increased by 70 percent for those living in condos and apartments.

Condos made of glass are poor insulators that allow cool air to easily escape and reflect hot air into the building, making it difficult to keep temperatures stable inside,” says a statement from BC Hydro. “This means glass condo towers can get very hot in the summer months, which has led their occupants to turn to air conditioning in an effort cool down.”

When there is no air conditioner in the building, tenants opt for a portable air conditioning unit. These are “the least energy efficient models on the market… Residents in apartments or condos have them on for an average of 7.3 hours per day during the summer months. This can cost up to $80 over the course of three months for just one unit,” says BC Hydro.

As a recommendation, BC Hydro is encouraging owners to turn off the air conditioning when they leave home, close drapes, blinds and windows. In addition, it’s suggested to to turn the air conditioning down to 25 C in the summer.

“As the heat wave intensifies and air conditioning use increases, BC Hydro is ready to meet the increased electricity demand thanks to its robust hydroelectric system that can ramp up quickly to supply clean power to customers,” said the company. “Unlike other jurisdictions in the U.S. that are facing potential energy shortages, it has more than enough to meet the increased demand.”

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