Calgary has been named one of the most cost-effective cities in North America

Anyone who lives in Calgary is aware of the city’s advantages, which range from breathtaking views to financial benefits. Calgary is, in reality, one of the most cost-effective cities in North America.

According to Oxford Economics’ most recent North American housing affordability assessment, Calgary is the ninth most affordable city on the continent. Three other Canadian cities, including Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Quebec City, beat it out. The city of Chicago, Illinois, is at the top of the list.

It’s no surprise that Vancouver is the most expensive city in the world, with Boise, Idaho, Toronto, Ontario, Portland, Oregon, and Hamilton, Ontario filling out the top five.

Although housing affordability is anticipated to decrease marginally in Calgary over the next year, properties in the Prairies are expected to remain well within local consumers’ borrowing capacity in the medium term, according to the research.

It also implies that, despite the projection for a plateauing of house prices, affordability in Canada is expected to suffer next year as mortgage rates rise from historically low levels.

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