Canada could learn from New Zealand’s new housing law

Unknown to most Canadians, New Zealand is also in the grips of a fairly similar housing crisis, but the country just passed a new zoning law that is poised to decrease some pressure.

The Government of New Zealand introduced a law aimed at getting rid of overly restrictive city planning rules. The law allows people in New Zealand to develop up to 50 percent of their land and construct buildings that are up to three stories in height.

With the new law, lots that only had one or two units on them can have up to three.

While a subtle change, experts expect it to add between 48,200 and 105,500 new housing units to the island nation by the end of the decade.

While not expected to fix all of the housing issues, anything to help add more homes, particularly low-cost homes, seems like a positive move. That being said, if a law like this were introduced in Canada, it would likely allow for more laneway homes within cities, which can go for just as much a regular home as we’re seeing more recently.

Source: National Post 

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