Condo developer proposes two new towers for Bay Street in Toronto

Ten Block

Toronto development company Ten Block has submitted a new proposal to the city planning and zoning departments to replace an ageing apartment building with two new modern towers.

The old building was built in the 60s and is situated at the intersection of Bay St and St.Mary St. It’s a 24-floor storey rental apartment building that, according to Urban Stratagies Inc, is starting to feel a little dated. It has low ceilings, no in-unit laundry and no indoor or outdoor amenities spaces. Not to mention that it only has 259 units.

If Ten Block gets its way this building will be replaced with two new towers. One will be 54-storeys and the other will be 59. Together these towers will house 1,143 units comprised of 106 bachelor, 593 one-bedroom, 351 two-bedroom, and 93 three-bedroom apartments.

The proposal also mentions that the developer shave plans to add 2,852-sq.ft of commercial space and 5,610-sq. ft of park space, so it’s likely that the ground floor would feature some shopping plus a nice outdoor space.

On top of that, each tower would have its own smaller outdoor patio-type communal areas. The east tower’s area is on top of the bridge connecting the two buildings while the west tower has some space on the top of an eight-storey podium.

The developers also have plans for 367 parking spaces underground and a 1,156 bicycle storage area.

Source: Storeys

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