Cost of living to be top election issue in Canada

As Canada ramps up for its 44th election, a new report from Abacus Data shows that the top concern of a majority of Canadians is the cost of living.

In general, 62 percent of people are worried about the cost of living, seven percent more than people were worried about this issue in 2019. This makes sense as we burst out a pandemic that’s boosted the cost of living, and especially the cost of housing across the country.

That being said, only 33 percent of Canadians are worried about housing moving into the election, which seems weird to me since it’s a market that’s so directly tied to the cost of living. I guess if you already own home through the market my worry you less than it does renters.

Beyond the cost of living, Canadians are also worried about access to health care, climate change and our post-pandemic recovery plan.

If you break up this data into liberal and conservative parties, lib supporters actually worry about climate change a little more than the cost of living, with a 57 percent vs 53 percent split. Conservatives, on the other hand, are mostly worried about the cost of living and taxes. NDP voters care the most about the cost of living, with climate change being in second place.

Source: Abacus Data Via: Better Dwelling

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