Elevator filled with discovered at notorious downtown Toronto Ice Condos

Just when you thought downtown Toronto’s Ice Condos building couldn’t get a worse reputation, this happened.

The Toronto Police Service recently tweeted a suspicious incident investigation surrounding a “large quantity of blood located in the hallways and elevator” of the Ice Condos building. The notorious condo building, located near York Street and Lake Shore Boulevard West, has built quite the reputation for following several shootings, noise complaints and even a few visits from a Toronto Police bomb squad.

Police say they were called to the building at roughly 5:40am and encountered an elevator and hallways covered in blood. That said, no victims or suspects were present. Toronto Police are currently investigating it as a suspicious incident and are asking anyone who has information regarding what happened to contact them.

“Investigators are also concerned for the well-being of a person who was potentially injured, and would like to speak to them to make sure they have sought medical treatment and are safe and well,” wrote the Toronto Police in a press release.

Toronto Police told blogTO that they don’t plan to release additional information or the address/name of the condo building. However, many assume that given the location, it’s tied to the Ice Condos.

Ice Condos has yet to release a statement regarding the incident.

Source: Toronto Police Service Via: blogTO

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