Fake development sign outlining giant tower appears in Toronto Park

Orieole Park

A fake development sign has appeared in midtown Toronto’s Oriole Park, outlining that a skyscraper is set to be constructed in the middle of the park.

According to BlogTO, the obviously fake sign is attached to the fence on the south side of the park’s tennis courts on the Frobisher Avenue side. The amusing sign outlines that a massive tower is planned to be erected directly in the middle of the neighbourhood.

The sign itself looks at least somewhat real and matches the look of an official city of Toronto sign, but if you take a step back for a second, it’s obviously fake.  First off, the developer’s name doesn’t exist, the file number isn’t real, and there are no statistics about the new development. In fact, both the phone number and email addresses on the sign direct to the office of Toronto Mayor John Tory.

There are even ‘Save Oriole Park’ signs posted around the area as well. While undeniably amusing, it’s strange to see someone go through so much effort to troll a neighbourhood.

This isn’t the first time satirical development signs have cropped up across the city. For example, in 2016 signs appeared outlining condo additions to the CN Tower, City Hall and Casa Loma.

Image credit: @JoshMatlow

Source: @JoshMatlow Via: BlogTO 

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