Government red tape holding back Vancouver developments

A new government report focused on land development in the Greater Vancouver area has found that municipal governments are proving to be a huge barrier to getting affordable housing built.

The report states that city governments are taking too long to rezone and approve projects and suggests that stricter time limits are enacted to help keep the process moving. Both Ontario and Alberta have higher deadlines than B.C. for this.

Another issue with Vancouver’s development process is that development proposals can be rejected during a pre-approval process that leaves developers with little to go on as to how to fix their plan to better align with what the city needs.

Part 0of the reason that these pre-approvals and approvals also take a long time is that the process for submitting and proving them is still working in the dark ages. The report suggests a new digital platform should be established to help make this process faster and more transparent.

There are numerous other recommendations in the report recapped on Urbanized. However, the crux of the matter is that Metro Vancouver is still using old rules, processes and development funding techniques that are taking too long and costing too much money.

Source: Urbanized

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