Harsher rules are coming to Ontario’s condo act

Several upcoming changes to Ontario’s condominium act will place tougher restrictions on tenants to curb “problem” renters.

Condo owners are currently financially responsible for litigation tied to their tenants. For example, if a tenant is taken to court for violating a condo’s rules or when a renter takes legal action against a condo corporation.

New amendments to Ontario’s condo act that aim to ensure disputes are heard quicker also include clauses related to dealing with bad tenants tied to “nuisances, annoyances or disruptions” like “odour, smoke, vapour, light and vibration” that are “unreasonable.”

Further changes to the act prohibit renters from “causing through an act or omission, conditions or activities in the condominium units, common elements or assets that are likely to damage the property or assets or cause an injury or an illness to an individual.”

While positive changes on the landlord side of the spectrum, there is a possibility that over-zealous property owners could take advantage of these changes to oust good tenants tied to a lease in order to increase rent.

Via: blogTO

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