Heritage properties could be turned into condo development in Toronto’s Entertainment District

There are new plans for a condo in Toronto’s Entertainment District at 357 to 359 Richmond Street West, and 122 to 128 Peter Street.

Designed by BDP Quadrangle, the existing heritage properties buildings at 120 Peter Street (John Holdford House), 357-359 Richmond Street West (Margaret Grimmon Houses), and a reconstruction of 122-124 Peter Street (Thomas Johnston Houses) are being included in the proposal.

“Each building will be conserved differently considering their current condition and proposed integration with the new development,” reads the heritage impact assessment.

The John Holdford House at 120 Peter Street will be restored to match its neighbour at 118 Peter Street. The Thomas Johnston Houses at 122-124 Peter Street would be reconstructed to replicate the original building. The Margaret Grimmon Houses (357-359 Richmond Street West) will be moved within the site and restored.

“The new design has considered the existing heritage buildings and has designed and located new massing to fully express them,” says the proposal.

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