Horder house that’s filled with trash sells for $1M

You know the real estate market is bad in your city when a house that’s packed to the literal brim with garbage can sell for $1 million.

It’s not even a big house. And it’s not even in Toronto-proper. Instead, it’s in the western city on the edge of Toronto called Missasuaga. This is still a great place to live don’t get me wrong, but just the price paid, vs, the trash-filled home the buyers received doesn’t add up.

The home sold for specifically $955,000 CAD which was actually over the asking price of $899,000 for reasons that are unfathomable to me.

An article in Stories mentions that buyers were only able to visit the home and view it from the outside and all they could see of the inside were a few pictures of all the trash that was inside.

Right now the average price for a home in Mississauga is $997,187 so since this home pretty much hit the average I have no hope in the market anymore. I mean anyone can see that this is well below-average home. I can only imagine the costs associated with cleaning and probably completely renovating the inside of it.

Source: Stories

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