Housing development in Pickering being built on ‘Micro-grid’

A new housing development in Pickering, Ontario called Altona Towns is the first neighbourhood in Canada purpose-built to incorporate green energy from the ground up.

The community is attached to a micro-grid that uses local energy generated by solar panels. this should reduce each homeowner’s electricity bill by 10-12 percent. The community is also using a Tesla battery to store excess energy.

Unlike how single family homes buy and sell energy from the grid when they have excess, Altona Towns had to create a one-off deal with Utility company Elexicon to discount each family equally when the housing district generates extra power.

A small selection of the homes are also outfitted with the right plugs to support EV chargers.

Moving on from this a larger 7000- acre development for 70,000 people is being in the works using the framework outlined by Altona Towns.

Overall, this seems like a good step forward in terms of green housing  but there’s no real mention about how energy efficient the rest of the house is. Things like utilities, heating/cooling and waste water are not talked about so it would be nice to know if this development is really going green, or just implementing solar.

Source: Mars

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