Hundreds of residents in Toronto condo feeling the heat with broken cooling system since May


Toronto condo residents at 181 Dundas Street East are feeling the heat since mid-May due to a broken cooling system.

360 Community Management Ltd., who run the building of mostly renters, is aware of the issue but seems the timeline to complete the fix is scheduled in for two-weeks from now.

According to a report in the CBC, the initial problem started when property managers decided to turn off the building’s heating system, then turn on the cooling system on. However, this let to the air conditioning to only provide cool air for the first 23 floors of the 50-storey building.

“The highest we’ve gotten is probably around 38 Celsius,” seventh floor resident Jake Hamilton said. “I’m working from home and I’m sure a lot of people are, and you’re sweating from the moment you wake up ’til the moment you go to bed.”

360 Community Management Ltd. president and CEO Chris Antipas stated that the part is ordered and has been held up in Germany due to “a situation exacerbated by existing supply chain delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic… All focus was on the residents to make them as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible and fans were purchased for every affected unit … Staff stayed late to call every unit and deliver the fans when they arrived.”

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