Irish Embassy Pub & Grill might be turned into a 60-story mixed-use tower

A beloved pub inside a historic Toronto building could be demolished to make way for a soaring condo project.

At 49 Yonge Street, where the Irish Embassy Pub & Grill is located, new development plans filed with the City of Toronto propose for the construction of a 60-story mixed-use tower.

According to the application, the developers plan to construct 258 residential units on a total floor area of 20,320 square metres, as well as 1,701 square metres of non-residential space.

The four-story building on the land, which is located at the northeast corner of Yonge and Wellington, was constructed in 1875 as the Bank of British North America’s headquarters. The Irish Embassy Pub & Grill now occupies the ground floor, while offices are located on the upper levels.

The pub briefly shuttered due to the pandemic in 2020, however it has stated on social media that it intends to return at a later date.

Although the bar may be relocated if the project is approved, the structure itself will be preserved. Because the existing structure is heritage-listed, it will have to be preserved during the redevelopment and incorporated into the tower’s foundation.

However, no details on the new tower’s architectural blueprints have been revealed to the public, so it’s unclear how it will fit into the new design.

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