It’s about to get easier to pitch housing developments to the Vancouver City Council

The Vancouver city government has changed the process for developers to submit land-use proposals and other building ideas to the city with less red tape in the way.

This change should help developers and the city rezone property and approve new buildings much faster than before. Previously developers had to submit a pre-application to the city staff, and then that needed to get approved by the council before it could move forward. These development plans also had to comply with many different rules and bylaws. Moving forward, a plan can be pushed forward on its merits alone.

These merits include things like job creation, economic stimulation, providing city-serving amenities such as significant community amenities, providing 100% rental housing, or offering reconciliation and cultural redress opportunities, reports DailyHive

This often meant that developers attempting to rezone or work with the city on new building rules were often not given a shot to present their ideas since it wouldn’t get past the existing city planning rules. Ideally, now developers can work more in line with the city to create buildings that work for everyone, and the city will see all building proposals.

Hopefully, this is a change for the better and results in the government and developers working together to find creative solutions to the sky-high cost of housing in Vancouver. Ideally, it should make way for more modern city planning ideals, like taller buildings and more residential homes near transit hubs.

In the end, new chief planner Theresa O’Donnell told the council that “We hope that these projects that are delivered on the council goals are successful. We want to deliver more housing and amenities for residents of this community. It is also a healthy way to test policy and to make sure that it continues to be relevant.”

Source: DailyHive

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