Lawsuit launched overstuffed ballot boxes in Toronto condo election

A Toronto condo election that occurred two years ago is now at the centre of legal drama surrounding ballot box stuffing and intimidation. 

According to CTV News, Natasha Gangoo and her fiancé Vince Giuntoli claim in court documents that the pair were denied positions on the Mondeo Springs condo board following standing directors interfering with them campaigning for votes, writing extra ballots and dismissing a total of 65 proxy ballots without a good reason.

The condo’s current directors deny these claims, with Dudley Campbell stating, “I deny such groundless and irresponsible allegations in the strongest possible terms” in legal documents.

The condo houses 1,400 residents and is located at Ellesmere Road and Birchmount Road in Toronto.

Gangoo claims that the inclusion of the proxy votes in the final count would have given her 94 votes in total, securing the second open position on the condo board by two votes. 

She says that because the election was so close, there was a recount, and three additional votes were added to other candidates. Gangoo also claims that the building’s current directors wrote more than 50 extra ballots for themselves to ensure they held their positions. These claims aren’t baseless either, with Gangoo going so far as to work with a handwriting expert to back up her claim. 

Documents related to the lawsuit reveal that it has already resulted in over $200,000 in legal fees for both sides. 

Guintoli argues that given municipal, provincial and federal elections feature high levels of scrutiny, condo elections should be held to a similarly high standard. Ontario’s Condominium Authority Tribunal deals with disputes among condo owners but currently doesn’t have jurisdiction over director elections. 

Adding further to the controversy surrounding the situation, CTV News says it received an anonymous letter that apologized for being involved in the alleged condo board election scheme.

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