Markee Developments shares plans of condo development that will remove Toronto’s ‘cube house’

The Toronto ‘cube house’ could see its last days as Markee Developments recently filed plans to redevelop 1 Sumach Street into a large condo development.

Markee Developments plans include room for 324 market-rate condo units and 119 affordable rentals that has six-storey podium on the south side that connects to a 12-storey podium extending north with a 35-storey tower.

“My big concern with policy frameworks that limit the period of time of affordability, is it actually means there’s going to be a period in time when those units flip back to the market,” said Markee Developments co-founder Jennifer Keesmaat in an interview. “It seems to be a bit of a bizarre assumption that we won’t have an even greater affordable housing issue 20 or 30 or 40 years from now. So it actually means you’re making the problem even worse later on in the future because we’ll be removing affordable units from the market probably at a time when we need them even more than we need them today.”

The design incorporates existing victorian houses that are on the property, but the cube house will need to be removed.

“For those who are fans of the cube, the good news is that it can be moved to another site in the city, and we’re very open to that,” Keesmaat said. “We’re interested in, quite frankly, gifting cube to, a party that is interested in it, whether that be the architect or the City of Toronto.”

Markee Developments hopes break ground by the end of 2022.

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