Montreal rent trending upwards as pandemic loosens its grip

A new report from claims that the average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Montreal costs between $1,218 and $1,407 per month.

In the first half of the year, rent in the city hovered below that $1,200 mark, but since May, things have begun to trend back upwards as the pandemic gets under control and vaccines roll out.

The lower end of the spectrum ($1,218) is for unfurnished units, while apartments that come with furniture typically cost an extra $200 per month. That being said, rent isn’t the same in all neighbourhoods.

The cheapest neighbourhood to live in is the Ahuntisic-Cartierville area, with an average cost of $1,017 for a one-bedroom unfurnished unit. The area also has two-bedroom units down to $1,487, and three-bedroom apartments cost on average $1,729.

Of course, the most expensive neighbourhood is downtown, where a one-bedroom costs around $1,437 and a two-bedroom is roughly $2,067. These prices go up if you want a furnished unit too. You can check out a breakdown of all the neighbourhoods here.


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