Multipurpose space mall-like space to be built under Toronto’s ailing Gardiner Expressway

For decades, Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway has been a slowly deteriorating eyesore jutting across the city. 

Concord Adex has plans to make at least one part of the crumbling cross-city highway a little more interesting. The project proposal called Under Concord outlines a new multipurpose commercial and public space under the highway on the west side of Dan Leckie Way and near the condo towers of Concord CityPlace. 

The Zoning By-law Amendment Application describes four two-storey buildings, totalling roughly 60,000 sq. ft. 

Similar efforts to make the Gardiner seem a little less awful have been undertaken in other areas of Toronto, including Underpass Park and The Bentyway in the West Don Lands.

“The strategic location of this site located between the waterfront and the CityPlace/Fort York neighbourhoods makes it ripe for re-imagining as an engaging gathering place – the next link in an emerging chain of transformative spaces and places which include The Bentway and the West Block 1928 retail,” reads the planning application. 

Along with ample retail space, the expansive mall-like project will include an underground food hall and an exhibition space connecting all four buildings. The application also outlines a 580 sq. m. of public space with walkways, seating, interactive landscape elements and various architectural designs. 

The area is currently a pedestrian connection between CityPlace and Lake Shore Boulevard, and offers vehicle access to the nearby Panorama condo. It’s worth noting this isn’t the first time the area has been transformed. For example, the ‘Mitosis Courtyard’ installation featuring columns of light, seating, and a painted pathway was constructed in the area back in 2010. 

It’s worth noting that Concord already owns the proposed location for Under Concord’s development. 

Source: Urban Toronto, Image

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