New cottage owners often forget to ask about internet and cell service

As the pandemic implemented a work-from-home shift, many Canadians decided to trade city life for cottage country. However, a new Royal Lepage real estate agent survey suggests that many of them didn’t think it through.

Thirty-three percent of people forget to check for reliable cell phone reception, and internet service claims the survey of Royal Lepage real estate agents.

“Most people buy a cottage because they want a place to escape from their busy lives, somewhere peaceful and serene,” said Pauline Aunger, a real estate broker from Smiths Falls, Ontario.

As a young person who grew up outside a rural town that didn’t get, what I would call modern, usable internet until at least 2009, I find it hard to imagine any young people falling victim to this. However, people like my parents wouldn’t think twice about asking if the internet was any good at a given cottage soo I guess this does make sense. Perhaps people that grew up with consistent, reliable internet might also forget to ask.

Maybe at some point in a few years, when Low Eart Orbit satellite internet like Starlink becomes better, this will become less of a concern, but in 2021, it’s still a little stunning that someone would move somewhere without internet coverage.

Beyond the internet, the Royal Lepage survey says that cottage buyers often forget to look up their waterfront ownership, ask where their indoor water is sourced from. Others often forget to ask about long/short-term rental options like AirBnb.

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