New federal grant towards greener homes seems to be proving successful

A new federal grant that nets Canadians $5,000 towards making their homes more energy efficient is proving wildly successful.

The upgrades included in the grant include insulation, air sealing, replacing windows, doors and air or ground heat pumps. Of course, it also covers renewable energy like solar panels as well. You can learn more about what’s covered in the grant here.

The publication Canadian Realestate Magazine talked with a building performance company Thermawise, and it says that it’s seen a huge uptick in business since the grant was introduced. Thermawise is a company on the East coast that does consulting with builders and developers to work on plans to make their buildings greener.,

The president of the Atlantic Canada company to the publication, “We have a team of energy advisors in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We were providing a similar service before the Greener Homes program, but we’ve seen a tenfold increase since the government launched it, and we’re in the midst of increasing our staffing.”

The Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan said that Statistics Canada helped model green homes buying incentive, and it predicted that it could bring 110,000 jobs to Canada.

Overall, this seems like decent evidence suggesting that Canadians are using up the federal grant. The full program has $2.6 billion to spend, and it’s hoping that it can make green changes to around 700,000 houses over the next seven years.

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