New Playhouse app is Tik Tok for real-estate

A new app called Playhouse is getting a lot of traction in NYC as a Tik Tok-like app to showcase homes.

The app allows users to scroll through short-form videos that show off how much each house costs, what they look like and how many bedrooms/bathrooms are within it. Users can, of course, share and comment on each video as well.

If you tap on the details section of the app, you can find out more times related to real in-person showings, a map of the location and options to call or message the real estate agent.

The app went live in the U.S. today, so hopefully, it comes to Canada soon. As of now, it’s full of homes from Palo Alto that cost over 1 million, positioning the app as more for luxury architecture. This makes sense since it usually makes sense to film video of a luxury home over a regular house.

Right now, it’s only available on iOS as well.

Source: Playhouse

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