New Surrey apartments canned by city council

The city council of the city of Surrey in British Columbia has denied a non-profit organization’s proposal to build a six-story apartment building. Instead, it’s moving forward with condo towers in downtown.

The building, titled the Harmoney project, was set to be low-income housing for people with cognitive disabilities set in the neighbourhood of Semiahmoo at 20 Avenue and 151A Street. Before the plan ended there were going to be 91 units, and it was a non-market property, meaning it would be reserved for people who needed it. Over $1 million was put into consultations for the development process already.

Regardless of how confident the housing society was going into the public hearing, the city turned it down over concerns from neighbours, traffic and the potential to set a redevelopment precedent in the area.

On the flip side, the council did allow a project to move forward building two high-rises and a 12-storey rental tower near the Gateway train station in the city. These will allow for 1,203 units total, and 105 of them will be rentals under a 20-year agreement. Another trio of towers are going up near the King George SkyTrain station. These create 932 more units.

Overall, it’s hard to hate on the city for building more towers, the Vancouver area is in need of more housing, but it’s sad to see the city pull the plug on a project like the Harmoney project.

Source: Vancouver is awesome 

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