OLT kills developer’s plans for massive condo tower in Toronto

One Properties

A massive 36-storey condo tower set to be built in downtown Toronto is no longer happening.

Following the city rejecting developer One Properties’ plan to build the tower at 64,66 Wellesley Street East, the company aimed to appeal the ruling in front of the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).

However, the OLT ruled that the development was too large for the Church Street area’s much smaller buildings and that it doesn’t “fit” in with the neighborhood’s aesthetic.  

“It is indisputable that there are tall buildings located beyond the [Church Street area] and behind Church Street itself. However, there are none forming part of a structure, which is located on Church Street itself, as proposed,” reads the decision from the OLT.

In a statement, Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, who has been outspoken against the project in the past, described the decision as a “big win” for the area.

What’s still unclear is if the plan could potentially move forward if the height of the tower were to be lowered, allowing it to fit more seamlessly in with the neighbourhood’s design. 

Source: Daily Hive (Toronto Urbanized)

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