Ontario will invest $2 million to build small homes for homeless veterans

As many as 5,000 veterans across Canada are homeless and living on the streets.

This is something the ‘Homes for Heroes’ foundation aims to change through a partnership with Ontario’s government surrounding the concept of “tiny houses.”

Alongside Homes for Heroes, the provincial government will build a small village of tiny houses in Kingston for homeless veterans. The cost of the project will come to roughly $2 million and the houses will be finished over next year.

“Together with Veterans Affairs Canada, our team of service providers implement specialized social, physical, emotional and employment support to integrate veterans-in-need back into their communities,” reads a statement on Homes for Heroes’ website.

The tiny homes sit on a 0.6-hectare area near King Street West and Portsmouth Avenue in Kingston. It’s worth noting that this is the first tiny home development in Kingston and the first veteran community like this in Ontario.

The unique development made from prefab modular homes will give homes to 25 veterans. Each house is a self-contained 300 sq. ft. unit that includes a kitchen, living room, sleeping area and a bathroom. The village will also offer a resource centre, community garden, a counselling office and other amenities.

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