Ontario’s COVID pandemic rent freeze ending January 2021

The year-long housing rent freeze in Ontario is coming to an end in January, and some renters have already received warnings of rent increases.

To assist tenants during the pandemic, the Ontario government froze rent at 2020 levels for the whole year of 2021. However, because the rent freeze expires at the end of December, landlords will be able to raise rents on January 1, 2022.

If a landlord raises the rent, they must give renters 90 days’ notice, therefore tenants who will have to pay extra in January should have already gotten a letter.

The province sets rent hikes based on inflation rates, with the greatest allowed rise this year being 1.2 percent.

Landlords must also wait at least 12 months after the previous rent increase before raising rents again. Before the rent is increased, the tenant must have lived in the house for at least a year.

A tenant can contact the Landlord Tenant Board if they believe they have been served with an incorrect rent increase.

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