Plaza intends to construct a 28-story tower with a gleaming rose gold lattice

A potential new architectural marvel for Toronto may be a step closer to reality, with the proposed super-slim luxury condo tower moving to the next stage of the city’s planning process.

At 208 Bloor Street West, immediately across from the Royal Ontario Museum, developer Plaza intends to build a 28-story tower with a spectacular lattice of rose gold-hued metal.

Plaza got to work after apparently purchasing the property for $27 million in 2018, hiring architects BDP Quadrangle to construct a statement tower that would stand out even when it was within spitting distance of the ROM’s renowned crystal.

The initial proposal was submitted earlier this year for an attractive tower on Bloor Street with a foundation of office space and a collection of only 46 suites on the upper levels, with only two units on each floor.

However, the city swiftly responded with various reservations about the project, including the site’s inability to accommodate a tall building of this size, a lack of tower separation, and shadow and wind impacts on other structures.

The most recent proposals appear to have done little to address these issues, with the current submission resembling the first.

The initial proposal’s height of 105.36 metres has been reduced slightly, although not much. The latest designs reduce the tower’s height by 19 centimetres, bringing it down to 105.17 metres. While this height reduction is on par with a huge hairdo and platform shoes, certain significant alterations at a neighbouring site have transformed the project’s aspect since it was first proposed.

The Ontario Land Tribunal’s (OLT) approval in principle of an even taller structure next door at 210 Bloor West has thrown open the possibility of a skyscraper this size being permitted.

The lack of substantive modification in the most recent filing could be interpreted as a recognition that the regulations are changing on this block, and could foretell a future OLT dispute between the city and the developer over the development’s fate.

The newest move ahead for the project seeks Site Plan Approval, which will be added to the rezoning and Official Plan modification applications that were submitted in early 2021 but have yet to be accepted.

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