Renting parking spots scam becoming prevalent in Burnaby

Most condo owners secure a parking spot when they take ownership of their unit. This is standard practice but comes at a cost, or an incentive to purchase.

However, the latest scam seem to be surrounding this underground real estate by renting out parking spots that don’t actually belong to them, which is leaving some renters out of money and with no place to park.

Chuck, who lives in the Brentwood area, is one person who fell for the scam, stated, “One day I went down to get something out of my truck and it’s gone… so I got a hold of the property manager and they said they got a complaint someone was parking in their spot and so they had it towed away. I told them I paid to use the spot and that’s when I found out someone else was running a scam rent spots they didn’t own. I totally fell for it.”

Chuck is now out $150 for the supposed rental fee and has to pay up for the towing charge. Oh, and his truck got dinged up when it was towed.

Chuck posted a notice in his building to see if anyone else was impacted with screenshots of the number with messages. Turned out there were two others with a similar situation.

“We all got swindled. Luckily, the other two didn’t get towed and they’re parking on the street now. A lot of people in our building don’t drive because we’re close to the SkyTrain. So I guess the person just watched which spots were always open and went for it. That’s what’s so unnerving is that they probably live in the building with us. I did it all by text because of COVID. That’ll teach me.”

Be careful out there and see the ownership of the parking before you commit to rent.

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