Report says Torontonians worry more about housing costs than COVID…


A new poll from Nano Research claims that people living in the Greater Toronto Area are more worried about the rising housing costs than the global pandemic that’s shaken the world over the last year.

The poll talked to 518 people, and 40% said lack of affordable housing was the number one issue. Following that was concerns about local transit (17%) and finally, pandemic issues came in third with only 13% of people worried about it.

People also worried a little bit about the overall cost of living in this area, the economic recovery from COVID-19, climate change and violent crimes.

To break things down a little further, only 35% of people in the GTA are worried about affordable housing while 47% of people in Toronto proper worry about it. This makes sense since Toronto is so expensive, but since a lot of the housing prices in the GTA are shooting up, it’s interesting to see such a large gap.

Source: Nanos Research 

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