Residents of Toronto condo building still limited with using amenities during Stage 3

As Ontario prepares to enter Stage 3 on Friday, July 16, some condo owners are anticipating a return to using the amenities within their buildings after being closed for over a year due to the COVID-19 lockdown. However, some owners are fuming as most are closed.

According to BlogTO, the 73-storey condo Ten York was completed in 2018 and comes with a pool, gym, spin room, a theatre room and party rooms.

“One of the most attractive things about the building is its amenities. They are absolutely stunning. Individuals pay a high cost to live here, my rent in my two-bedroom is well over $3,200 a month.”

Under lockdown these amenities were closed but now that Ontario is entering Step 3 but the latest notice from Del Property Management Inc. stated that these will open but under strict booking rules and limited capacity. The property owner noted that all the amenities must be booked in advance and limited to one household with no guests.

The building’s terrace has capacity for 100 people, but will be limited to 10 people, no guests and it must be booked.

“They are nowhere even close to the provincial orders,” the resident says. “For whatever reason, they have made the judgement that they are only going to allow 10 people at one time. The social gathering limits indoors are 25 people and you can’t even bring someone to watch the basketball finals with you, it’s just really odd.”

These rules by Del Property Management Inc. has frustrated residents it is also concerning for mental health reasons.

“You have these people living downtown, locked in these very small units for a long period of time and now we get to a place where the large majority of people have done their part and got their vaccines but we are still being limited to what we can use,” he says.

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