Ryerson University will build and teardown the worlds first digitally-enabled building

Ryerson University has plans to build the first 100 percent digital-enabled building in the world, but will then tear it down.

The educational institutions ‘University Smart Campus Integration and Testing Hub (SCIT Hub) aims to “enable the exploration and testing of ‘smart building’ products and management strategies.”

The building is set to be built at 136 Dundas Street East in a vacant lot on the corner of Dundas and Mutual Street. Along with a research trailer that’s been present on the lot for a few years, the SCIT Hub would include two additional temporary buildings, according to the application with the city of Toronto.

Designed by a company called WZMH Architects, the first building is a two-storey timber structure that wraps around the lot in an L-like shape, and the second is a three-story research building on the west side of the lot.

The CIT hub will include a lab, mock smart home, workshops and test areas. As previously mentioned, these buildings are designed to be temporary and will eventually be torn down.

Source: City of Toronto Via: blogTO

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