Teens caught partying in Toronto home listed for sale

When you’re a teen, your options for a sick party pad are severely limited.

In this particular incident, a group of Toronto teenagers broke into a home listed for sale to have a party.

When RE/Max Hallmark agent Desmond Brown took prospective buyers to see a house near Toronto’s Danforth and Mortimer area, he was surprised to find several teenagers partying in the home.

“I opened the door and yelled in ‘hello,’ and the next thing I see is a young lady jumping up from in the living room and running upstairs. And then another one,” said Brown to blogTO.

“I guess they went up to alert the rest of the young people in the house, because everybody started running down.”

Dozens of teenagers then came running down the stairs to escape the wrath of the understandably upset real-estate agent. The teens seem to have stayed the night in the vacant home and even cooked themselves burgers, fries and, of course, downed a bottle of Crown Royal or two.

The group of unruly teens also caused damage to the house, broke furniture and left a significant mess behind them. However, to be fair, the state of the house doesn’t really look all that bad.

Brown says that the teenagers were able to access the vacant home through an unlocked window.

While most of the teens ran away as soon as Brown arrived, a few casually walked around the home collecting their belonging before running off into the sunset.

Source: blogTO

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