The bathroom walls in this $2.5 million Toronto home are see-through

The house located at 75 Holborne Avenue in East York is listed for $2,488,800. Although the price tag may be the first thing that comes to mind for most people, one of the home’s five bathrooms is the most stunning.

A glass-enclosed bathroom is located in one of the home’s bedrooms, allowing anybody in the room to see everything from the toilet to the shower. A full wall exists in part of the bathroom, but it’s the sinks that were hidden behind it. Ira Kalemi, the listing agent, told Daily Hive that the lower half of the glass will be frosted, providing greater privacy.

It’s not just the bathroom that has a lot of glass; the remainder of the Toronto home has as well. Everything is see-through, from the LED-trimmed stairwell rails to the refrigerator door, the primary closet, the garage door, and the wine cellar. None of the other bathrooms have glass walls, which is interesting or perhaps fortunate.

The home appears to have a large, open concept design with a large kitchen, large living area, and full basement. A backyard, back deck, and second-floor balcony, the latter two of which are glass-enclosed, provide plenty of outside space.

According to Kalemi, she is looking for a rapid sale of the residence. And, while the house may not be for everyone, whomever buys it will undoubtedly own one of the city’s most distinctive properties.

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