The Goode Condos has a unit for sale that is 263-square feet

Perhaps you’ve always like cramped quarters. Perhaps you’ve always considered a couch to be a nicer bed than a bed. You might even be the type who doesn’t mind if their balcony has roughly the same amount of space as their living room.

If you fall into any of these categories, the Goode condominiums in Toronto’s Distillery District have the ideal property for you. It’s the smallest unit ever offered in Toronto, at 263 square feet (or anywhere else in Canada). BuzzBuzzHome’s database confirms this.

The building’s units start at $455,900, which equates to around $1,733 per square foot. Despite the fact that the units on the 11th through 50th floors are small – the main area is labelled as the “Living/Dining/Sleeping Room” and measures 12 feet by 12 feet – the designer argues that space has been maximized.

The building does not have the city’s sole little condo. Karma Condos has a 277 square foot flat available for rent near Yonge and College. New York City is famous for putting a 60 square foot unit on the rental market every now and again, causing a flurry of tales.

Graywood Developments’ The Goode bills itself as one of the final buildings to be constructed in the Distillery District. According to its website:

“Titled The Goode, the building at 33 and 37 Parliament St. in the Distillery District will be 32 storeys and will include a multi-purpose room, a co-working area, fitness studio, bicycle repair room, maker’s table and pet wash.
It will also feature a large roof terrace with a swimming pool and rooftop garden stand atop the 10-storey podium overlooking Distillery Lane.

The name of the structure is a tribute to Gooderham & Worts, which was once one of the world’s largest distilleries. Once completed, the condo will virtually complete the condo development in the neighbourhood and will be one of the final complexes developed. Another prominent building in the region is a 31-story hotel at 60 Mill St., as well as one built by Danish architects in the neighbouring Canary District.

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