This condo-filled Toronto neighbourhood doesn’t want any more condos

In most downtown Toronto neighbourhoods, an abundance of towering condos is a fact of life.

However, Liberty Village, an already notoriously crowded area of the pricey city, is set to get three new 30-storey condo towers and an entirely new street called Liberty New Street that runs between Dufferin and Strachan.

As first reported by BlogTO, current Liberty Village residents aren’t pleased with this development, resulting in angry posts on the Liberty Village Residents Association Facebook page (see below).

To an extent, these concerns are understandable, especially if you’ve ever tried to use public transit in the area. For example, Buses and streetcars are often so packed that it’s impossible to get on them. To put the crowding issues in perspective, the area’s population has increased by an astounding 47 percent between 2011 and 2016, according to data provided by the city of Toronto.

Infrastructure Ontario held an Open House for the neighbourhood earlier this week where plans were outlined to turn Exhibition Go Station into a transit hub that features new condos, office space and even retail stores.

“I laugh. They ask for our opinion and then ignore it. Developer always wins out.” said Liberty Village resident Jeff McNamara in a Facebook Post.

It’s unclear if the project will go through, but as McNamara says in his spirited Facebook post, developers typically win these battles.

Source: Liberty Village Residents Association Via: BlogTO

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