This is the home people really want

Our relationship with our homes has been irreversibly altered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our homes have served us more than ever before as classrooms, remote workplaces, and workout areas during periods of lockdown and stay-at-home orders over the last 18 months.

The two-part America At Home survey gathered over 7,000 insights from US people in 2020 to discover the design improvements they want to see in new houses and communities to evaluate how consumer emotions about their home have altered as a result of the epidemic. They then proceeded to construct the house.

Using data from the America At Home research, North Carolina-based builder Garman Homes created the Concept Home to visibly express the demands of consumers. The Barnaby, a two-story, 2,600-square-foot Concept Home in Chatham Park, Pittsboro, was built in just 60 days and unveiled to the public for the first time in July 2021.

The home was created for a hypothetical older Millennial family with a preschooler and an elementary school-aged child, as well as two parents, one of whom works outside the home and the other who works from home. The Barnaby reflects five “features for life” that respondents stated were important to them based on the study findings — come, eat, rest, work, and breathe — and incorporates a number of design tweaks to represent these aspirations.

Garman Homes’ founder and CEO, Alaina Money-Garman, spoke with Livabl about how the Concept Home came to be and how it reflects today’s needs of new home buyers. Check it out here.

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