This is what a controversial new condo being built in Toronto’s Scarborough Bluffs area looks like

A substantial condo project could be coming to Toronto’s Scarborough Bluffs area, specifically 3310 Kingston Road near Bellamy. The somewhat strangely-shaped 11-story, terraced complex is posed to feature 323 one and two bedroom units.

The unique-looking project spearheaded by Morrison Groups and Turner Fleischer Architects is set to stand out from other buildings in the area thanks to its odd shape, bright green balconies and rather pale concrete coupled with gray brick on the bottom half of the structure, a fact current residents in the area aren’t pleased about, according to the CBC

Though major real estate projects outside of the core of the city aren’t common, locals are also upset that new developments in the Bluffs area will bring 6,000 new homes to the region.

While this is good news for those looking for a more affordable place to live that’s still somewhat near the downtown core, it’s also understandable that current residents of the area are not entirely pleased with their somewhat quiet neighbourhood potentially becoming a little more crowded and noisy. 

Further, it’s also likely that the city’s already overloaded public transit system will become even busier in the area. 

Source: BlogTO

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