This luxury B.C. castle could be yours for $3.5 million

Have you ever wanted to live in a castle? Well, for $3.5 million, your dream could become a reality.

This luxury castle located in a British Columbia forest at 234 Sugar Lake Road features a moat, drawbridge, nearby meadows and arguably, looks like something pulled directly from a children’s book.

The house is surrounded by 8.8 acres of old-growth trees in the Monashee Mountains along 1,300 sq. ft. of shoreline. The cities of Vernon and Kelowna are 30 metres away from the castle as well.

The castle itself measures 3,124 sq. ft. and even includes a 640 sq. ft. cottage at its rear, which we can only assume is for the large staff you’ll need to maintain the home. As you likely guessed, this is a castle, which means it features arched doorways, massive rooms and extremely high ceilings. In total, the castle features three-bedrooms and five-bathrooms. Other notable features include a 3,000 sq. ft. square rooftop patio designed to host 300 guests and an outdoor kitchen.

It is worth noting that the castle is a little off the grid. For example, it features licensed river water rights tied to a nearby river, a septic sewage system and a pellet burning boiler. However, it’s still connected to BC Hydro.

As far as luxury homes go, this one is undeniably notable.

Check out the photos below:

Souce: Sotheby’s Via: Storeys

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