This unpaved driveway and shed in Toronto is listed for $3 million

Even an unpaved driveway with a dilapidated shed is pricey in Toronto’s hot real estate market.

As first reported by blogTO, a vacant lot behind a church, a take-out restaurant and a pet store in Toronto’s Weston neighbourhood, is listed at an astounding $3 million.

The plot of land, which comes in at slightly over 24,000 sq. ft., features several interesting facts in its listing. For example, the price is just for the land and the property doesn’t have building permits or access to utilities. The only structure on the lot of a rundown, rusty shed at its rear.

In an interview with blogTO, the listing agent claims that this location would be great for a “pile of townhouses or stacked townhouses.” The agent goes on to say that “the city is also open to a retirement home” being built on the lot.

It’s also important to note that the plot of land’s driveway is currently very thin and would likely need to be widened depending on what its eventual buyer plans to build on it. As expected, this requires permission from neighbouring houses.

Like many of these listings we’ve covered over the last few weeks, this vacant, overgrown lot holds a lot of potential and it’s really up to the buyer to do something with it.

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Source: Via: blogTO

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