Toronto 1 bedroom condo listed for $670 million by mistake

While Toronto real-estate prices are undeniably crazy, they aren’t this ridiculous — at least not yet. 

Just last week a 1 bedroom condo in Toronto was listed for $670 million. Yes, you read that correctly. 

The listing for the 600 to 700 sq ft unit on 59 – 208 Niagara Street went live on Friday of last week for the astounding price of $670,000,000. Unsurprisingly, the listing was quickly corrected for its somewhat obvious correct price of $670,000, according to Daily Hive. It seems someone added a few too many zeros to the listing.

Based on pictures of the unit, it actually looks really nice, especially as Toronto 1 bedroom condos go. It’s spacious, bright and seems to feature mostly modern furnishings — there’s even a front ground-level patio, a rarity when it comes to most Toronto condos.

It’s also in the sought-after downtown Toronto neighbourhood of Niagara and Bathurst. Given the Toronto condo market is reportedly in the midst of picking up steam, it’s likely that this unit won’t be around for very long. 

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