Toronto area realtor suggests playing Squid Game could help you buy a house

Squid Games

While an obvious joke and an effort to capitalize on the tending streaming Netflix show of the moment, this is still pretty funny.

Greater Toronto Area Realtor Amir Shirazi has created a billboard that features a circle, triangle and square logos; the very recognizable iconography tied to the popular Netflix show, Squid Game.


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Shirazi says he was inspired to create the viral marketing campaign after watching the scene in the movie where Gi-hun receives a calling card with three symbols before entering the Squid Game to clear his debt. Shirazi says that he aims to send a similar message with his billboard, stating that if you’re in debt and can’t afford a home, he’ll still help you find one.

However, in an interview with blogTO, Shirazi makes it clear he is in no way inviting people to play the Squid Game in real life. Back in November 2020, Shirazi put up a similar viral ad where he proclaimed that he’s “Your shorty’s realtor.” Oh, and apparently, he’s also “Chair Girls'” realtor.


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The ad is located near Toronto’s Finch station at Yonge Street and Bishop Avenue.

Source: @ashirazii Via: blogTO 

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