Toronto condo owner renting 60th floor balcony for Instagram pics

Toronto condo owners might be able to start a new side hustle by allowing people to book time to take pictures on their balconies in front of the Toronto skyline.

There’s no denying that Toronto’s glassy skyline makes a great backdrop for a picture, but now it appears that people are willing to pay to take Instagram pictures in front of it.

The condo is located in Massy Tower, and it overlooks Young-Dundas square and the downtown area of the city from a bit of a western-looking angle. From the photos that Condo owner Ryan Alrushud has shared from the Masseytowerphotography studio Instagram account, there’s no denying that he has a great view.

Alrushud says that the idea dawned on him a few days ago, and he started posting in Toronto modelling groups on Facebook, according to a report from BlogTOThe report says that so far, he’s had a lot of interest.

When you rent out the balcony, Alrushud closes the window curtain to give you privacy, and it costs $25 an hour to use the space.

You can book a session by sending him a DM on Instagram. 

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