Toronto condo residents frustrated with pool opening delay

When Patrick Cahill purchased his condo, one of the key reasons was for its excellent pool.

Since Cahill moved into the building new York and Queens Quay back in 2014, the pool has been a hot spot for residents. Last year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the pool stayed closed all summer. Now, however, the pool still isn’t back up and running, even as Ontario begins to re-open.

According to the National Post, Cahill and a group of residents began emailing the condo board in early June in hopes of a reopening plan being ready for the province’s move into ‘Step 2.’

With Step 1, condo pools are required to enforce social distancing and no more than 10 people can use it at once, a lot of condos just didn’t bother re-opening their pools. Now that the province has entered Step 2, up to 25 people can use outdoor amenities, though indoor pools still need to remain closed. 

Cahill says that residents in his building received an email in mid-June stating that pools would open when Ontario enters Step 3. According to the National Post’s reporting, several condo residents across the city are in a similar situation.

A significant reason why condos are hesitant to re-open amenities like pools is because COVID-19 could technically be contracted by swimming, says Ashley Winberg, a corporate lawyer at Elia AAssociates that specializes in condo law.

Winberg outlines that condos need to create new rules for re-opening pools, including creating COVID-19 screen posters, clear signage that outlines restrictions and dedicated entrances and exits with arrows on the ground. She also emphasizes that controlling how many people are in a pool at one time is integral. 

Cahill remains hopeful that his building’s pool will open at some point in the near future, especially as Ontario approaches Step 3. 

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