Toronto is getting a car condo

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

With the cost of a parking spot in Toronto being ridiculously expensive, finding a relatively affordable, secure location to store your vehicle is often difficult in the city.

Metropolitan Commercial Realty has a plan to create Toronto’s first condo designed for storing vehicles. The building, called ToyBx, will modify an existing three-storey 180,000 sq. ft. warehouse at 20 Towns Road in Etobicoke to turn it into a home for 195 vehicles.

Also, instead of regular elevators, extra-large car-sized elevators will be present in the building for moving vehicles to different levels.

Each unit will feature the ability to add storage platforms that allow up to four cars per condo and upgrades like home appliances. Other features include dehumidification units and EV chargers.

The building will also feature a “penthouse” unit that spends 43,000 sq. ft. for what one can only assume are Jay Leno’s garage-inspired car enthusiasts.

Unit sales will start later in 2021 with the first cars rolling into their units by 2023.

Source: Metropolitan Commercial Realty Via: blogTO

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