Toronto may not be building maximum condos due to labour shortages


Toronto’s construction industry is experiencing labour shortages that are pushing projects behind schedule and delaying new ones.

A new report from the Residental Construction Council of Ontario even claims that the shortage will not end any time soon.

Delays began with product shortages during the rights of the pandemic that had crews spread thin and unable to complete jobs due to lack of equipment and materials. Then as the materials came back, there haven’t been enough workers left to restart all the unfinished projects while also continuing work on projects that are currently underway.

Compounding with that, construction companies are complaining that because of the CRB benefit, there are fewer people incentivized to do hard work.

Overall, it’s not looking good for the future of the trades workforce as more and more ageing workers are retiring with fewer and fewer people to take their place.

Source: Storeys 

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